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I am running for re-election for Hillsborough County commissioner in District 3.

The job of county commissioner calls for hands-on service delivery as well as policy-making budget decisions. I have diligently served Hillsborough County as a full-time elected commissioner for five terms. Currently I am vice chairman of the board. My proven record of leadership and experience demonstrates my dedication to service.

In 1997, I resigned my post of assistant majority leader in the New Hampshire House to become commissioner. During my 13 years in the House, I chaired the Children, Youth and Juvenile Justice Committee and co-chaired the Constitutional and Statutory Revision Committee. I am a member of the County/State Finance Committee and the Right-to-Know Commission.

During my time as commissioner, there have been positive changes in the county. After periods of unstable budgets and double-digit tax increases, the budgets and the tax rates have been stable. Technology has been used for better service delivery. The website is being updated, and a new telephone system is currently being installed. Union contracts are settled. A new county prescription drug plan was implemented, and a master planning process has begun.

With the relocation of county offices to Goffstown in 2004, this consolidation of departments has reduced costs and improved productivity while preserving a historic building dedicated in 1897. This fall the Goffstown District Court will move to the second floor of the Bouchard Building. Construction meetings have commenced.

Republicans and Independents, please cast your vote in the Republican primary on Sept. 9 for Carol Holden.




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To The Editor:

As a member of the Hillsborough County legislative delegation executive committee, I decided this past spring that it was important to attend the budget hearings on each and every county department.  I was the only Rep to do this but it was well worth the time and effort.  The number one thing I learned was that Commisssioner Carol Holden is best friend property taxpayers have in this county.  Since I'm from Manchester and she represents the towns, Carol is not my Commissioner, but I shudder to think how county taxpayers would suffer were she not on the job.  She is always on the lookout for more efficiencies in county spending, and I hope voters in the towns will give her the nod in the September 8 Republican primary.  Sadly her opponent, who is a current State Rep, was always voting for more and more unnecessary spending and bloated government, not in the Republican or New Hampshire tradition.  

When we receive our property tax bills in the mail, we are often struck by the lines for town and school services, often overlooking the line for county government. We do so at our peril.  Of the $85 million county budget this year, $45.63 million is raised by property tax dollars, split among all the towns on a per capita basis.  That 2.9 percent increase over last year isn't bad compared to increases at the state and local level, but be warned.  It would be a much larger increase were it not for the tireless efforts of Commissioner Holden.


Rep. Steve Vaillancourt, Hills. 15


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I urge the voters of Litchfield to re-elect Carol Holden as the County Commissioner in District 3.  It was my pleasure to serve with Carol for the ten years on the Board of Commissioners.

Hillsborough County is in excellent fiscal shape due to the policy changes that we were able to put into effect.  The tax rate has been stabilized.  The county has not had to borrow in anticipation of taxes for 8 years.  Union contracts have been settled.  New technology has been utilized for better service.  The County offices are centralized on the first floor of the Bouchard Building with the Goffstown District Court moving into the second floor of this historic building.

Carol has represented the citizens of the district well.  Together we were able to effect positive change and I encourage you to cast your vote in the Republican Primary for Carol Holden.  Please visit her website for further information.

Rhona M. Charbonneau

Hudson, NH



Commissioner Holden Second to File

June 4, 2008 POLITICKERNH.COM - Beginning at 8am candidates for state office began to file for office with the Secretary of State. This year, congressional candidate Grant Bosse was the first candidate to file. Bosse showed up at State House at 6am, minutes before Commissioner Carol Holden. Holden was the first to file in 2006. Read the full PolitikerNH Story


Bouchard Building Groundbreaking


MANCHESTER, NH (April 19, 2004) – Brookstone Builders, Inc. recently announced that they have completed a major renovation project for the Hillsborough County of New Hampshire.

The project involved a complete overhaul of the structural, mechanical and electrical systems of the one-hundred and ten-year-oBouchard Building on Mast Road in Goffstown. The forty-four-thousand square-foot structure had been unoccupied for some time, and will now provide the county with an economic solution to an emerging need for space.

The refurbishment process included the construction of a new stairwell, the installation of an elevator, improvements to enhance handicap accessibility, and a first-floor fit-up for the Hillsborough County Commissioners’ office, the County Sheriff’s Office, and for County Exchange Services. The building’s lower level is being used for storage and warehousing.


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